Monday, January 7, 2008


R.V.Khona, of '' & '' , is on a Visit to U.S.A. from 4th December 2007 to 14th January 2008.
He is staying with his daughter, Mrinal and Son-in-law Dilip Dand in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He attended the 4th Birthday Celebrations of his Grand Daughter Miss Rhea Dand on 8.12.2008 held in her school Hacienda School and the following birthday party where Rhea and her friends built their own stuffed pets, dressed them up in cute clothes, and gave them names. Rhea cut her Birthday Cake and all her friends with their parents shared the Cake with Pizzas and Drinks.

Mr. Khona with the Dand family, visited Los Angeles - went around Disneyland and its beautiful suburbs Laguna Beach (Orange County) and San Diego where they visited Sea World, world's largest Zoo and its beautiful beaches. Mr.Khona got to touch baby sharks and fed the friendly dolphins.

Then they returned home to San Francisco, where they spent the day at Golden Gate bridge, the windy shore of Santa Cruz with scores of Sea Lions playing noisily on the pier. They watched the ships in the harbor at the beautiful Sausalito town in northern San Francisco.

They also prayed at the beautiful Jain 24 Tirthankar Temple of Milpitas erected by 1000 families of Jains living in San Francisco Area in the year 2000 where they meet regularly and hold religious festivals.

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